SMEs Not Interested in Promoting Their Websites:

website monitoring serviceAs per the survey conducted by Forward3D, 64% of SMEs, despite having their own company website, are not promoting it. The survey was conducted on 500 SMEs, which involved face to face interview with each of the respondent. Further, 38% of them did not even update their basic contact details such as address, phone numbers so as to help the customers.

The results when studied showed that though companies set up their websites, they do not making use of basic searching technologies that will improve their online sales and also generate traffic for the website.

Search marketing options such as SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) are very useful in standing the companies first in the search list. But as much as 95% of the companies are very pessimistic about this idea. They feel that it is impossible and is a waste to upgrade their websites as it is a very costly affair which they cannot afford and also they feel that they are incapable of facing the competition from the larger companies.

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