Know About the Size of Registered Indian MSME Sector

According to the 4th MSME Census, it was estimated that the size of the registered MSME sector in India was 15,52,491. About 66.67 percent of them were manufacturing enterprises and 33.33% were services enterprises. A proportion of 95.05%, 4.74% and 0.21% was found by micro, small and medium enterprises among the total working enterprises. Among the manufacturing enterprises, the ancillary enterprises constitute for 8.21% (76,654).

It was reported that about 16.33% of the units were engaged in repair and maintenance and the service utilities constitute for 17%. The percentage of enterprises in the registered MSME sector that account for proprietary enterprises was found to be 90.36 percent. The partnership firms account for 3.85 % and those run by private companies account for 2.69 %.

A women enterprise is the one which is managed by one or more women entrepreneurs in proprietary concerns. It can also be considered as the one in which a share capital of not less than 51% is there for a person or persons individually or jointly. In the registered MSME sector, there were 2,05,419 women enterprises accounting to 13.85 %. A percentage of 13.83 was observed with the share of enterprises actually managed by the females.

It was also found that about 55% of the MSMEs were run by socially backward classes with 7.73 % of the enterprises owned by Scheduled Caste (SC) entrepreneurs, 3.03 % by Scheduled Tribe (ST) entrepreneurs and 38.70 % by entrepreneurs of Other Backward Classes (OBCs).