Know About the Alternate Energies Used in Automobiles

With the increase in the prices of the petroleum, the world wide auto makers are trying to make fuel efficient cars that cuts down the costs of maintenance. One of such trial is the introduction of electric car which runs on the electric charge. Ford is working on finding ways to cut the cost of its electric car technology and this can be done by weight reduction, strides in battery technology and greater production volumes, that will reduce costs without decreasing the quality.

The other forms of energies used in automobiles include:

In these cars, the fuel cell system is used which converts hydrogen into electricity. It is a very successful technology in the automobile industry. Hydrogen as fuel is eco friendly and much more safer than gasoline. But the main disadvantage is, it is too expensive and there are no enough refueling stations.Water pump car

Use of Ethanol as an alternate energy is easy to avoid the high oil prices and reduce the emissions. In the USA, ethanol is considered to be the most important and efficient alternative energy source according to the Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection, and Energy Efficiency Act, issued in 2007. As per this law, Americans are expected to increase the production of ethanol, from the current production of 6.5 billion gallons to 36 billion gallons per year by 2022.

Natural gas:
Vehicles running by consuming the natural gas are most environmental efficient vehicles in the world. Natural gas is used in various vehicles like transit buses, school buses, refuse trucks, package delivery trucks, and vehicles used in ports.

The automakers are working for the form of energy which is capable of giving high mileage, which is eco friendly and which is available easily to meet the government standards.