Second Generation Greenline Models to be Launched by Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto, Czech car manufacturer is going to launch second edition of their GreenLine technology in India. Skoda’s second generation GreenLine products will be shown in upcoming Paris Motor show.

Two modern diesel engines and the Stop-Start technology and braking energy recovery system are the main assets of the GreenLine models. Modified engine control unit, tires having low rolling resistance, body with aerodynamics tweaks and a gear change recommendation indicator on the dashboard, etc. are the other features of this vehicles. Fuel consumption is reduced by this model by 10 percent or even more in city traffic, along with different features. An automatically switched off engine is noiseless when the driver waits at traffic signals, apart from zero emissions.

It has gear change indicator to get information about how driver is influencing the fuel consumption of the car. The first generation GreenLine models were started in 2008 by Skoda Auto with an aim of permanent reduction of the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Skoda Auto will introduce the GreenLine Technology which is second generation. Skoda Auto helps automotive industry to reduce it’s impact on environment.