Important Considerations For Direct part Marking

Advances in the technology made ID readers cost effective and deliver the reading results that achieve the objectives of discrete parts manufacturers.

Important factors to consider when implementing Direct Part Marking include the following:

Code selection:
DPMI applications involving metal, glass, ceramic, or plastic materials will be supported by the ANSI code.

Data encoding:
Data encoding refers to the amount of information stored within the matrix when the data matrix code is generated. 24 square formats and 6 rectangular formats are available in ECC200 which provides users the flexibility for encoding between 6 and 3,116 digits in one code. Code size and available space on the part also effects the user readability.

Marking processes:
Marking process is typically incorporated into the component design and dot peening, laser marking, electro chemical etching, and ink jet printing methods are used to produce machine readable symbols.

Readability refers to how easy or difficult it is for a reader to successfully read a code. A user looking to implement DPMI must understand all factors that affect code readability. This can be done by understanding the design and other issues related to data matrix symbology and readability.

Mark process problem can be detected by verification system, as a step of preventive maintenance it can provide feedback on the marking process.

Types of readers:
There are three types of readers in general use for DPMI

  • Fixed-mount readersThese are used to identify the parts handled and moved automatically by conveyor, indexer, or robot.
  • Presentation reader – It automatically performs the decoding task once the operator places the part in front of the reader.
  • Hand held readers – It is used in the processes where the parts greatly vary in size and quick result is expected.

Selecting a reader:
It is better to select a reader that can withstand a wide range of code distortions.

Network connectivity, provided by readers, ensures that the reader communicates the decoded results data to PCs and databases at the enterprise level.

Vendor selection:
A vendor should provide the support necessary details to thoroughly qualify the DPMI application. The supplier also should have a successful track record and good financial stability.

All the above considerations make the direct part marketing, beneficial.