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Know About Disability Insurance for Business

Most people commonly think about insurance for their business and their possessions. But how to protect your income if you get hurt? To an unprepared business owner, who met with an accident or got injured resulting in a disability can be a crucial situation in his life and business. In those cases you are impaired […]

Important Tips on Taking Business Insurance

Business Insurance tips on taking out business insurance will help you know what kind of insurance you need for your business. Mostly many businesses are either under insured or over insured. Taking assistance from an insurance professional can help you clarify what kind and how much insurance is needed for your business. The very important […]

Benefits of Worker’s Compensation Insurance for a Business

Worker’s compensation insurance is a type of employer-paid insurance that provides medical and liability benefits for work related injuries and accidents as well as financial support to the employee while recovering. Any employer who regularly employs more than four workers full-time or part-time is required to get workers’ compensation insurance. Depending upon the exact situations […]

Importance of Network Application Monitoring for Online Businesses

Monitoring different application in the business process, not only helps the organization to work properly and promptly, but also helps them to increase the individual productivity of the employees and finally shows positive impact on the business revenues. Since it closely watches the operations and functionality of each component, it is an essential tool in […]

US SMBs More Likely to Invest on Facebook Compared to Digital and Traditional Media

According to the Merchant Circle’s survey “Merchant Confidence Index (MCI) for Q2 2011”, majority of the US SMBs are more likely to invest on Social media, especially Facebook rather than digital media marketing and traditional media marketing. According to the survey, social networking usage by US SMBs is increasing day by day. SMBs are investing […]

Social Media has High Influence in Driving US SMBs

Social media is greatly influencing the US SMB’s purchase decision making process. According to a survey conducted by the AMI, about 30% of the US Small and Medium businesses state that social media has a high influence in increasing awareness of the businesses, brands, products and services. And 19% of the SMBs reported social media […]

Internet Most Valuable Business Tool: US SMBs

Most of the US SMBs are turning to tablets and smart phones from desktops, laptops etc., revealed a new study conducted by Portfolio. The study found that SMBs are significantly increasing their usage and reliance on technology, especially the Internet. It is considered as a critical business tool. About 37% of SMB owners cited that […]

US SMBs Plan to Invest in Creating Mobile Web Presence

From the past decade, SMBs have started to understand the importance of the websites for their business promotions. Today, SMBs are at the same stage regarding promoting their business through mobile websites. About 4.8 billion users use mobile devices to browse the web, whereas only 1.7 billion users browse the web through other means such […]