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U.S SMBs Planning to Adopt Cloud Computing Services at Faster Rate

Cloud computing is most familiar among both business and personal users.

According to survey conducted by Spiceworks, during the first half of 2010, 14 percent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) were found to be using cloud computing services and another 10 percent are planning to deploy cloud-based services.

About 38 percent of SMBs having less than 20 employees use or expected to use cloud computing solutions in… Continue reading

7 out of 10 Index Components of Small Business Optimism in U.S Show Growth

NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism, in May, increased to 92.2(gaining 1.6 points). Out of 10 Index components, 7 increased, with job creation and plans for capital expenditure remained at the same levels.

Trends in some of the major components are as follows:

Inventories and sales
The net percent of all owners (seasonally adjusted) having higher nominal sales improved four points to a net negative 11 percent in… Continue reading

U.S SMBs Unsure of Their Business Plans Due to Downturn

Discover Small Business Watch, reported that the expansion plans of small businesses showed some improvement in January, but again declined in February, showing no signs of improvement there on.

Discover’s monthly check, measured pulse of small business owners and found that it was 75.7 in March, which is down by 9.2 points from February and same as last year figures.

When asked about their businesses economic conditions, in… Continue reading

Bank Overdrafts is the Most Popular Financing Option Among UK SMEs

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) conducted a survey on various financing options, that are being availed by SMBs in UK. The survey was conducted on 380 UK Small and medium firms and about 100 accountancy practices. The list of financing options and their success rate are as follows:

33% of the respondents opted for Bank Overdrafts with a success rate of 73%, making it the most popular form… Continue reading

UK SMEs to Increase Production Due to Boost in Demand

According to CBI Trends Survey, conducted on 382 companies, the domestic demand is supposed to be increased in next three months, indicating the SME owners to speed up their production processes. The temporary boost in demand due to stock rebuilding also faded which led to slight decrease in output growth in last three months till October.

Due to the increase in demand domestically and overseas, the output is expected… Continue reading

EU SMEs Contribute Largely in Terms of Employment to Overall Economy

According to a report by EU on SMEs in Europe, SMEs were found to be largely contributing to Europesn economy in terms of employment. It was found that SMEs provide employment for 88 million of population, while large enterprises employ only 43 million. SMEs constitute for about 67% of the employment in private, non-financial economy. Apart from this, ‘old’ Member States constitute to about 81% of total employment in private… Continue reading

EU SMEs Play a Significant Role in Providing Employment

The EU submitted a report on European small businesses. As per the report, SMEs in Europe contribute significantly to the European Economy in terms of employment. SMEs contribute to about 67% of employment in private, non financial economy. SMEs employ 88 million people, while large enterprises employ 43 million people. Among the differrent size classes in SMEs, micro firms are the largest source of employment, employing 39 million people, constituting… Continue reading

Businesses in India Using Social Networks to Reach their Customers

Online business is changing the traditional business processes. In India, online business is increasing quickly; it will be accelerated faster in the future too. Businesses in India are increasingly using the social networks to promote their businesses or products.

As per the Octane Research gearing up e-marketing in India 2012. As per the research, around 69% of the marketers gave a response on online promotions; 53.1% of marketers planned… Continue reading