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Why Advertising is Important?

The main motto of advertisements is to let the public know about commodities or services commercially. The new age in which we live depends upon publicity. In order to promote a particular interest or to promote sale of a particular product advertisements are made. Advertisement presents and describes a product or service to the public […]

Challenges in Training IT Employees in Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Every company works with a vision and mission to achieve some goals and with the team of employees they make planning and strategies accordingly to deliver effective services to their customers. Employee plays an important part in a company to add economic value in company‚Äôs work process and provide value addition at every aspect of […]

Importance of Uptime Monitor for Websites

No matter how big or small the website is, maintaining good uptime and server performance is important for online businesses to generate revenues. These two are the key measures that determines how well the website is functioning for end user activity. When there is a frequent disruption in website activity and is not reliably available […]

Choosing a Web Design Company for Your Small Business

Choosing the right web design company is a crucial decision for your small business. You need to do enough research before you zero down on a web design company, because a well structured website that has good design and layout will gain popularity and generate traffic, whereas, a poorly designed website can drive away your […]

U.S SMBs Unsure of Their Business Plans Due to Downturn

Discover Small Business Watch, reported that the expansion plans of small businesses showed some improvement in January, but again declined in February, showing no signs of improvement there on. Discover’s monthly check, measured pulse of small business owners and found that it was 75.7 in March, which is down by 9.2 points from February and […]

Bank Overdrafts is the Most Popular Financing Option Among UK SMEs

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) conducted a survey on various financing options, that are being availed by SMBs in UK. The survey was conducted on 380 UK Small and medium firms and about 100 accountancy practices. The list of financing options and their success rate are as follows: 33% of the respondents opted for […]

UK SMEs to Increase Production Due to Boost in Demand

According to CBI Trends Survey, conducted on 382 companies, the domestic demand is supposed to be increased in next three months, indicating the SME owners to speed up their production processes. The temporary boost in demand due to stock rebuilding also faded which led to slight decrease in output growth in last three months till […]

EU SMEs Contribute Largely in Terms of Employment to Overall Economy

According to a report by EU on SMEs in Europe, SMEs were found to be largely contributing to Europesn economy in terms of employment. It was found that SMEs provide employment for 88 million of population, while large enterprises employ only 43 million. SMEs constitute for about 67% of the employment in private, non-financial economy. […]

EU SMEs Play a Significant Role in Providing Employment

The EU submitted a report on European small businesses. As per the report, SMEs in Europe contribute significantly to the European Economy in terms of employment. SMEs contribute to about 67% of employment in private, non financial economy. SMEs employ 88 million people, while large enterprises employ 43 million people. Among the differrent size classes […]

Businesses in India Using Social Networks to Reach their Customers

Online business is changing the traditional business processes. In India, online business is increasing quickly; it will be accelerated faster in the future too. Businesses in India are increasingly using the social networks to promote their businesses or products. As per the Octane Research gearing up e-marketing in India 2012. As per the research, around […]