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Challenges in Training IT Employees in Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Every company works with a vision and mission to achieve some goals and with the team of employees they make planning and strategies accordingly to deliver effective services to their customers. Employee plays an important part in a company to add economic value in company’s work process and provide value addition at every aspect of […]

Water Boarding The Terrorists – Good Or Bad

Latest news about the water boarding the alleged terrorists (or suspects) has become popular. Thanks to the online media and the bloggers. The CIA has used this technique around 266 times on two suspects. These two are the key persons of al-Qaida. One of the two terrorists is Abu Zubaydah, a senior lieutenant of Osama […]

Surviving the Crash of Flight-1549

This is the best example which says that life is such a happening place that anything can happen here at any instance and you can do nothing regarding stopping it except for planning for anything to come. Neither the passengers nor the crew of the Flight 1549 might have expected that they will have to […]

$2 Trillion Plans To Resolve Electric Grid

Among the many great agendas of President-elect Barack Obama, the one on resolving the present electric grid seems to be challenging rather than interesting. The challenge that is out there over the plan is to deliver clean and green electricity (avoid in usage of polluting sources), as well as saving money. What more is in […]

Who Discovered AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) I said to be so dreadful because it has no cure till now and also due to its affects to the infected person. We all know that it is because of a virus called HIV (Homo immunodeficiency virus). This virus was founded by French team Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnie. […]

Michel Jackson is now Mikaeel

What am I hearing about you Jack? They say you have lost your house, then somebody sued you and now you have turned into a Muslim! This would probably a reaction of Mike’s close relative who is staying away from him since a long time and now is thrown into compulsion to set his head […]

Most Wanted Arellano Felix Member Arrested

On Sunday, October 26, 2008, Mexican authorities have arrested a reputed senior member Tijuana after a shootout, confirmed by US authorities. Eduardo Arellano was one of the last wanted members of the powerful and wicked trafficking organization and he was also captured by US authorities in August 2006. His brother was reputed drug lord and […]

Urgent Meeting with G8 Countries

Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi urged President Bush on Thursday, October 9,2008 to call an emergency meeting with the G8 to address international financial instability i.e., to discuss about the financial instability in world. Reid, the Senate majority leader, and House Speaker Pelosi sent a letter urging Bush to set up the meeting, […]

Expansion of G-7 Countries

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson may get an earful Saturday, October 11, 2008, meeting with developing country officials whose economies has been harmed by the global credit crisis. Experts generally praised Paulson’s decision, announced Wednesday, to call the meeting of a group of industrialized and developing countries known as the G-20. The move puts emerging […]