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Choosing between Windows and Linux Hosting

While shopping for website hosting, people typically come across many plans that differ in operating system, functionality, price, database formats etc. Well, for a non-technical person the options look very confusing unless the person has prior experience of using one of these services before. Generally, providers offer both Linux and Windows hosting as a part […]

Different Types of Computer Software Applications

A software application is a set of instructions or a computer program that is designed to perform specific task. Any application developed or designed in an environment (programming language) using specific keywords and syntax is called a “software”. There are different types of software that perform various operations.

Cloud Server or Web Server for Small Businesses?

It is necessary for a business to install a server, which secures computer systems and critical data of the business. With many alternatives available today, it is the choice of the businesses to choose the best servers that suit their business.

Thinking of Small/Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) about Cloud Computing

Though many cloud computing service providers are trying to attract the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to adopt cloud, the number of SMBs who are using cloud is not high. This might be either because of security concerns or unaware of this latest technology.

How Cloud Computing Helps Small/Medium Businesses?

Cloud computing is the latest technology making a lot of buzz these days in software world. It could be a boon to small and med-size businesses when utilized properly and understand how it helps them. Following are the five reasons presenting the answer to why the small/medium businesses should adopt cloud computing?

Types of Protocols You must Monitor for Your Business

For any online businesses, it is very important to showcase their products to customers and to reach clients worldwide. If it is not available online 24×7, it will create worst impact on the company. Following are protocols you must monitor for your business: Http is one of the important protocols in the Internet application used […]

Small Businesses Can Avoid Dangers to Data Security: How?

In 2012, over 6.4 million passwords were stolen from a popular business-oriented social networking website by cyber criminals. The incident scared many businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The incident led to the loss of identity for numerous businesses. Businesses who were on any of the social websites were targeted and the consequences were […]

Small Businesses Unmoved by Attack on Data

According to a recent survey by the Hartford as many as 85 per cent of small businesses are of the belief that a data breach is not likely. Many SMBs have deployed simple security measures to protect their customer and employee data. As per the survey, the enterprises followed eight best practices as enumerated below: […]

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Attacks?

SMBs these days have become enough computers savvy. They should indeed be so. The coming up of mobile devices has led to delusion of events like supercharging or attacking them. While it is a welcome trend for SMB to use increased use of the Internet, it has led to attacks on such enterprises by cyber […]

Is Website Monitoring Service Important for Small Business Owners?

People who own a websites should know the basic technical aspects for the website development for better functionality of the website. However more popularity of the websites depends on the number of people accessing his owners. The people attracts to the websites only when it provides crucial and helpful information is provided. In today’s world, […]