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Challenges in Training IT Employees in Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Every company works with a vision and mission to achieve some goals and with the team of employees they make planning and strategies accordingly to deliver effective services to their customers. Employee plays an important part in a company to add economic value in company‚Äôs work process and provide value addition at every aspect of […]

Small Business Profits Can be Improved with Automated Phone System

The advantage of automated phone system is that, it makes your business appear larger and more professional. If someone calls to your company and are attended by an automated phone answering service which is mostly used by reputed businesses, then they associate your company in their mind with companies on that level. The automated phone […]

Important Considerations For Direct part Marking

Advances in the technology made ID readers cost effective and deliver the reading results that achieve the objectives of discrete parts manufacturers. Important factors to consider when implementing Direct Part Marking include the following: Code selection: DPMI applications involving metal, glass, ceramic, or plastic materials will be supported by the ANSI code. Data encoding: Data […]

Know About Direct Part Marking Methods And Benefits (DPM)

Direct Part Marking is a process used to permanently mark the parts with a barcode and it is used by automotive, aerospace and electronic manufacturers to facilitate a reliable identification of their parts. U.S. Department Of Defense requires a physical mark on tangible assets in addition to the Item Unique Identification. There are many ways […]