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Accountants Expect More Insolvencies in Small Firms

According to the latest annual credit check survey conducted by Accountancy Magazine Venture Finance, SMEs are finding it difficult to find funding and most of them turning to other ways of funding such as ABL (asset based lending). Out of 250 accountants participated in the survey, 60% of the accountants believe that there will be […]

All about Supply Management

The term supply management describes the methods and processes of modern corporate or institutional buying. This may be for the purchasing of supplies for internal use, purchasing raw materials for the consumption during the manufacturing process, or for the purchasing of goods for inventory to be resold as products in the distribution and retail process. […]

How To Finance Personal Loans Yourself

You can finance a loan to yourself if you follow some steps and by planning the expenses. The following are few financial resources, you can understand personal loans, and have strong opinion personal loans online. Save for future expenses: Always put at least 10% of your paycheck in the bank or save it, without using […]

Objectivity of consumer reports in US

Consumer Reports is an American magazine published monthly by Consumers Union. It publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory. It also publishes cleaning and general buying guides. It has approximately 4 million subscribers and an annual testing budget of approximately $21 million U.S. […]

Are You Going for Wealth Management?

If you are planning for wealth management, this one is especially for you. Managing private wealth requires lot of planning and it should be done in proper way. Everyone tries to manage it effectively but it is not an easy job. For proper management of your wealth take the help of an experienced wealth management […]