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SEO Basics for Small Business Owners – On-Page Optimization

Search engines are very smart and intelligent in ranking your website in the top positions. So, it is very important for small businesses to understand some basic concepts of SEO on how it optimizes your website to get better ranking in search results. Following are some things to consider for on-page optimization. On-page Optimization: This […]

Benefits of Pay Per Click Campaign for your Small business

PPC is an effective digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your site. Here you need to pay to the publisher only when the visitor visits your site. Generally, these ads are located on top of the search engines and on the right hand side of the search results. Here, you will see how PPC […]

Plans of Small Business in America on Marketing Spend for 2010

74.1% of respondents plan to increase their use email marketing and 68.3% will increase their use of social media in 2010, according to a survey conducted by VerticalResponse, Inc. The survey was conducted on 831 small businesses of under 500 employees. The survey reveals that 96.2% small businesses intend to continue their marketing spend in […]

Small Business Sees Increased Paid Search Conversions

Small businesses continue to increase their search spending over last year for Q2 2010, according to the “State of Small Business Online Advertising Q2 2010” report from WebVisible. Compared to Q2 2009, overall clicks across all search engines have increased. However, spending shifted toward Yahoo! and away from Google and Ask, while Microsoft’s Bing remained […]

Easy Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Today search engine rankings are very important to success of any online business. Free traffic from organic search results from the search engines is the main reason to learn how to improve the search engine ranking of your site. Usually most of the online business owners look for Google search engine rankings. Because today Google […]

Google and Yahoo to Revise Monopoly Deal

It was tough on these two major search engines after their plans of implementing monopoly in the search advertisement crumbles. The recent revision on Yahoo’s revenues to 25% of revenue generated by Google doesn’t seem to satisfy the Justice. It was on November 3, that both these major search engines, have submitted a list of […]